I found a stray dog, can I bring it to you?

No. All stray dogs need to go to your local county shelter.

Do you take owner releases?

Yes, but we always have a waiting list. Please see “Release a Dog”.

Where do you get your dogs?

We take dogs from local county shelters, owner releases, high-kill shelters in California, Washington and Oregon. 

We get many of our dogs through the non-profit START based in southern California START saves and transports over 1,000 dogs each year from high kill shelters to Oregon and Washington.

What are your adoption fees and what is included?

Fees range from $160-$460 depending on age, breed etc..Our adoption fees support our mission and enable us to continue to save over 1000 dogs per year. Adoption fees include spay/neuter, vaccines to date, rabies vaccine, microchip, flea treatment and initial worming. All adoptions include a free vet visit at Willamette Valley Animal Hospital as well as coupons for training classes at PetSmart and with EchoDogPDXtraining.

Adoption fees are tax deductible.

Do you have any cats? (yes, we hear this all the time!)

No. We only have dogs.

Can I adopt as a surprise for a family member?

No, we do ask that all members of the family including any spayed or neutered dogs in the home attend a meet and greet to ensure the best possible fit for everyone.

I have an un-spayed or un-neutered dog in my home, can I adopt a dog?

We do require all dogs in that home that are over 4 months of age be spayed or neutered

Do you adopt to families with kids?

Generally we will only adopt puppies under 6 months or dogs that we know have successfully lived with children to families with children under age 5.

What is the average stay at ODR?

On average dogs stay here is 7 days.

What do the dogs do all day?

Dogs are in playrooms similar to a dog daycare, they play together all day and get to go on 1-2 walks daily with volunteers. They then sleep in individual crates at night. 

Are the dogs potty trained?

We have “potty rooms” in our play  areas, however, we can never guarantee our dogs are potty trained.

What if i adopt a dog and it doesn't work out?

 Your contract states that you will always return the dog to us. Simply give us a call and we will schedule a time to return your dog as soon as possible.